Taking care of the whole body through taking care of the nervous system.

As we open to presence and an awareness of our interconnectedness, it starts to become more and more clear to care for and about what supports us. Nature, spirit, people, the plants and maybe animals we eat, the sunshine, the earth, our communities, the elements, our bodies and so on. We can care for them. Be there for them; meet them with presence and respect. See them, hear them, and honour them. Learn from them. In doing so we not only improve their quality of life but our own. Loving, being there for, is healing, Giving is receiving as the ultimate joy is an open heart.

Likewise, in the mini universe that is our body, the brain, second brain and nervous system lives within the ecosystem of organs, muscles, bones, blood, body! In supporting and caring for our heart, digestion, hormonal and lymph systems, bone and muscle health, etc we not only uplift our cells and body’s well being, but the quality of the mind and nervous system, which rides on the waves of flow through the body, the quality of the digestive system and the energetic pulsations of the heart.

Just as a little one needs presence and firm boundaries amongst many other things to support its health and thriving, so do our bodies and nervous systems. We can learn to identity different nervous system states and become familiar with nervous system ‘first aid’ and antidotes, and set boundaries that support our well being. For some, this may mean not binging on emotional states that feel damaging, or life style boundaries such as having early nights (I am one of these) but for others, this may stifle the creativity and natural rhythms of a system that works best at night. It is therefore important that we get familiar with ourselves, experiment, and find out what is true for us, stripped of judgements of good or bad. We are all variety of plants, and need different conditions in order to bloom.

I also find this practice useful because sometimes it feels easier to be kind and care for oneself when its conceptualised as caring for one’s nervous system, like a little sweet adorable creature! –it helps also to give us good direction when we are in overwhelm and pulled on by emotion and story to go further off balance. Things can get really simple when our next clear right step is to just take a moment, to pause, breathe and feel the sensations in our toes and feet, and regulate this little inner being that happens to have a rather fancy inhuman name of Nervous System, rather than right the wrongs of the world or our lives.

From my little animal to yours with love,