Getting unstuck.

Expanding our awareness – which often fixates upon painful sensations, emotions or thought – to include the health of the system, is very curative.

Sometimes I think that I can fix a problem by focussing on it, rather than letting my awareness orient to health, (not denying physical sensations, but expanding awareness to include the whole body, and the underlying health, in which the suffering exists within). This is basically a called : strategy silly: a well worn neurological pathway that does not facilitate solutions.

The alternative? Focus on the health. Freedom from fixation. It is like adding more water to a concentrate –it disperses and the more water you add, the more it disperses, and the more flow you expereince.

Letting go of fixation means committing to trusting in health, rather than our fear, to manage and control and run our lives.

In letting go of fear and our need to control both our health and sickness, we can let go of focusing on the dysregulation and constantly trying to manage and cure it, and instead commit to regulating, bringing awareness to sensation, and posing the question –

-what in all of this lets me know that I am ok? –

thereby orienting to resource and health and widening the field of doing so increasing the possibilities and support available in any given moment.

Fixation –in any state –even pleasure –can bring disease. How do we get out of it when it is well established and holding us in its grip like I would hold a battered mars bar in my fingers if I still ate chocolate?! 🙂 In these moments, we can name the fixation, appreciate ourselves and it, and gently open our awareness to pendulate between the fixed sensation and other more neutral or resourced areas of our body such as the feet, finger tips or desired emotional state, or even our memory of ourselves before the dis-ease/ fixation.

This movement between the fixation and resource/flow/neutral state can free and open our awareness and open us to the creative intelligence that can support us in maintaining our flow and ability to keep digesting life.

As R. Stone said” Running water clears itself.”


Keep on flowing,


With love,