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Often when people hear that you are in recovery, people are most curious as to what to; rather than why you were addicted.

Whatever someone’s drug, process, substance of choice, the fact is that they are out-sourcing their inner sense of self, being, security and ease, and need to be reconnected to that power.

Addiction is a widespread epidemic…whatever lines our children develop along or within, our social, educational, familial, economic structures and the values they are based upon are also responsible. The healing of self needs to feed back into the collective in order to really address the disconnect that carries on contributing to this widespread epidemic. Addiction is a wide spread social condition, and needs to be addressed on a collective, structural level, as well as an individual one.

You will notice that for yourself, or for those you are close to that have struggled with addiction, that a set of ideals, values, even a desire to quit can have little effect.

Our lives to be grounded in something greater than what we are guided to give our power to: relationships, a body ideal, success, money, possessions, drugs, power, control and escape, amongst other things: essentially our lives need to be grounded in the knowledge and expereince of the ultimate failure of a life run on self – self will, self propulsion, self aggrandizement, self centerdness, self control, self management, SELF!

Addiction is not only the pain of the active process of addiction. Addiction happened before we started engaging in the cycle that at first we thought we had control over and came to control every aspect of our lives: body, mind, actions.Addiction happened when we could not deal, when we took everything personal, when our heart shut down, we disconnected from ourselves and the world – human and natural and spiritual – and in order to carry on living we had to outsource a sense of being alive. we shut ourselves off from real life and needed something artificial to take its place, to get to the point when we could address the shut down.

Addiction is a tortured state of self: the world is a painful place to live in, relationships are painful, feelings are painful, how we expereince and see ourselves is painful.

Recovery means recovering our responsibility for our lives, recovering a sense of self that is good, pure, healthy. Recovery means thinking of ourselves less and others more, but just thinking less in general! Recovery means freedom: freedom to choose again. Recovery means reconnection: reconnection to the source of our being that can power, guide, energise us and love us through our daily lives. Recovery is surrender, surrendering into ease, grace, into finally doing for ourselves what we have spent our lives trying to get others, substances, situations to do for us: to be there, constant, permanent, supporting, kind attentive, caring for and responding to how we feel.

Recovery is learning how to reduce the demands and expectations of self, letting the Breath of Life -a Higher Power – God – Life – Love – whatever we know it as – guide and inform and live through us. Recovery is relearning who we are.

There are many roads to Rome: whether it is through yoga, through community, a 12 step program: but Rome is an experience once again of the interconnected, larger self: the self that is love, that is truth, that is free, that is whole.

I think we could help future generations by centering our educational and social structures around providing experiences of these qualities, rather than those driven by materialist, consumerist, modern industrialized madness. Giving up the values, comfort, life styles that we have become accustomed to, what we feel entitled to, is not a small feat, and is best done in a supportive community. Build supportive relationships and communities in which you encourage individuals and the collective to connect inside to health. Find people to recreate a life and community that is centered around true values, rather than values that are sold to us, and do your bit to help present and future generations of addicts, so that we can live whole and free.

Taking care of the whole body through taking care of the nervous system.

As we open to presence and an awareness of our interconnectedness, it starts to become more and more clear to care for and about what supports us. Nature, spirit, people, the plants and maybe animals we eat, the sunshine, the earth, our communities, the elements, our bodies and so on. We can care for them. Be there for them; meet them with presence and respect. See them, hear them, and honour them. Learn from them. In doing so we not only improve their quality of life but our own. Loving, being there for, is healing, Giving is receiving as the ultimate joy is an open heart.

Likewise, in the mini universe that is our body, the brain, second brain and nervous system lives within the ecosystem of organs, muscles, bones, blood, body! In supporting and caring for our heart, digestion, hormonal and lymph systems, bone and muscle health, etc we not only uplift our cells and body’s well being, but the quality of the mind and nervous system, which rides on the waves of flow through the body, the quality of the digestive system and the energetic pulsations of the heart.

Just as a little one needs presence and firm boundaries amongst many other things to support its health and thriving, so do our bodies and nervous systems. We can learn to identity different nervous system states and become familiar with nervous system ‘first aid’ and antidotes, and set boundaries that support our well being. For some, this may mean not binging on emotional states that feel damaging, or life style boundaries such as having early nights (I am one of these) but for others, this may stifle the creativity and natural rhythms of a system that works best at night. It is therefore important that we get familiar with ourselves, experiment, and find out what is true for us, stripped of judgements of good or bad. We are all variety of plants, and need different conditions in order to bloom.

I also find this practice useful because sometimes it feels easier to be kind and care for oneself when its conceptualised as caring for one’s nervous system, like a little sweet adorable creature! –it helps also to give us good direction when we are in overwhelm and pulled on by emotion and story to go further off balance. Things can get really simple when our next clear right step is to just take a moment, to pause, breathe and feel the sensations in our toes and feet, and regulate this little inner being that happens to have a rather fancy inhuman name of Nervous System, rather than right the wrongs of the world or our lives.

From my little animal to yours with love,



Getting unstuck.

Expanding our awareness – which often fixates upon painful sensations, emotions or thought – to include the health of the system, is very curative.

Sometimes I think that I can fix a problem by focussing on it, rather than letting my awareness orient to health, (not denying physical sensations, but expanding awareness to include the whole body, and the underlying health, in which the suffering exists within). This is basically a called : strategy silly: a well worn neurological pathway that does not facilitate solutions.

The alternative? Focus on the health. Freedom from fixation. It is like adding more water to a concentrate –it disperses and the more water you add, the more it disperses, and the more flow you expereince.

Letting go of fixation means committing to trusting in health, rather than our fear, to manage and control and run our lives.

In letting go of fear and our need to control both our health and sickness, we can let go of focusing on the dysregulation and constantly trying to manage and cure it, and instead commit to regulating, bringing awareness to sensation, and posing the question –

-what in all of this lets me know that I am ok? –

thereby orienting to resource and health and widening the field of doing so increasing the possibilities and support available in any given moment.

Fixation –in any state –even pleasure –can bring disease. How do we get out of it when it is well established and holding us in its grip like I would hold a battered mars bar in my fingers if I still ate chocolate?! 🙂 In these moments, we can name the fixation, appreciate ourselves and it, and gently open our awareness to pendulate between the fixed sensation and other more neutral or resourced areas of our body such as the feet, finger tips or desired emotional state, or even our memory of ourselves before the dis-ease/ fixation.

This movement between the fixation and resource/flow/neutral state can free and open our awareness and open us to the creative intelligence that can support us in maintaining our flow and ability to keep digesting life.

As R. Stone said” Running water clears itself.”


Keep on flowing,


With love,



Blocks to healing: too attached to health?

As both practitioners and clients, an over rigid goal of ‘healing’ can obstruct a deep experience of health. Whilst motivated through fear into controlling or avoiding pain, limitation or suffering we may be driven to a very disciplined healing regimen: strict diet, daily practice of meditation and prayer, sourcing of therapists of a variety of modalities. On the surface it can look excellent, but inside we might not be getting the results that we would like. When fear driven, there will always be an element of rigidity and control, and a disconnection from really being with the self, that will prohibit a deeper opening and blossoming of the individual, and block us from a feeling of ease within our circumstances: whether they are painful or not.


I believe that true healing lies more in learning, growing, practicing  and developing acceptance and compassion for all we experience rather than clinging to a perfect notion or fantasy of health that will protect us from suffering. In leaning in to discomfort and being ok with pain, discomfort, grief, heart ache, injury we can find freedom. We can deprive ourselves of the huge learning opportunity to develop compassion, surrender, humility and acceptance by fixating on getting rid of the condition through which life elicits and teaches these qualities.


In effect, in our quest for healing, we perpetuate the disconnect that might have contributed to the physical imbalance or dis-ease. We abandon ourselves to attain health. Surrendering to and acceptance where we are right now, especially if that is with sickness, limitations and handicaps is a hard and painful process. But resisting what and where we are and what life is is far more painful, gradually closing our hearts and cutting off our connection to the present moment, ourselves and each other, and making our pain unbearable.


We can get so attached to our idea of who we are and how we want to operate in the world and what we want to experience (socially, vocationally, etc), that often the body or mind, manifesting with symptoms that do not support our vision or ideas, are turned upon with aggression when they do not conform. Making our salvation an external that we have no control over: the physical body, rather than the internal, which we can learn to control: acceptance and presence in the face of all we meet; creates fear, suffering and disconnect. Even when we are healthy and well there is an element of fear: we know what is keeping our equilibrium is impermanent and subject to change and chance, and therefore not a stable foundation to build happiness, peace or security upon.


When we have made our salvation into health – rather than a reverence for the greater intelligence underlying all things- we can easily fall pray to the idea that we know what we need and what would make us happy. In a sense we can operate unconsciously as mini gods or dictators wilfully attempting to control reality –ourselves –others –our bodies  – past future, ad infinitum. Or, we can relax and let go, receive with gratitude and learn. One position is fear based and creates suffering through its fixation on avoidance of suffering. And one is grounded in connection and reality based, and has more openness, possibility and kindness inherent within it: it allows us to experience and dance with life: to relate to life: to love life, to love ourselves, no matter what we are experiencing.


Please reach out to me with any comments or questions,


With love,






Taking Care of the Body.

Taking care of the body is a daily practice. Just as a competitive athlete makes training, diet and rest a daily programmed part of their routine; practicing Christians make faith a part of their daily life, rather than a Sunday church visit; an engaged client lives and practices somatic principles of wellbeing a part of their daily life, rather than in their hour’s session once a week. As practitioners or clients we can ask and encourage questioning about nutrition, exercise, sleep and other routines as a factor of health and well being.


Swami Vishnu-Devananda writes that ‘the yogi regards the physical body as an instrument towards his journey towards perfection.'(p.69) Even if we are not striving for perfection, but merely a senses of okay-ness in this life, health and well being of the body are an important and much overlooked factor in the practice of psychology: its strength, flexibility, clarity of feedback and receptivity, its energetic quality, the wellbeing and nutrition of the senses (rather than their overload), the regulation of psychical and psychological processes and hormones and so on really does help create well being, ease and stability of mind.


We all have these amazing things – bodies!!! –  woweeee!!! – that we are walking around in, yet not many of us live within limits that make sense; nor actively engage in learning how to optimize and deepen this experience of being alive – relaxed, alert, connected. Then we wonder why we feel tired, sick, stressed out, emotional. Many of us are going so much faster than our natural rhythm and the pace of health dictate. Health is there, we just overtook it.Health is there, we just side stepped and abandoned ourselves.


Slowing down and choosing the way we live, address situations, others and ourselves and integrating practices, internal states and guiding principles or beliefs (spiritual or otherwise) that nourish well being is going to be a way more successful life strategy than living like a chicken with your head cut off and going to therapy once a week. Believe me, I tried it!


Need a little help with getting started with integrating balance and balancing practices into your life? Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments and if I can help on your journey I will,

With warm wishes,






Le mot Reiki signifie « énergie de vie universelle » et peut être utilisé à toutes fins, conditions et situations . Le Reiki est un moyen de transfert d’énergie de guérison positive à travers les mains du thérapeute au client afin de promouvoir la santé et de rétablir un sens de l’équilibre et de l’harmonie à l’ esprit, le corps et l’esprit. Il est une main sur la thérapie qui se déroule sur une table de massage sur les vêtements . Il peut apporter un grand soulagement ; non seulement dans le corps physique , mais aussi sur le plan émotionnel et spirituel . Les séances sont d’une heure et comprennent une massage des pieds et tete.

Frais Reiki Session:

Nouveau client ( 75 minutes ) 50 Euro

Suivi ( 90 minutes ) – 70 Euro

Suivi ( 60 minutes ) – 50 Euro


Éducation et contexte professionnel

Bienvenue! Mon nom est Elise. Je suis né et a grandi en Angleterre, avec quelques années de vie en France et en Suisse. Ma famille vit maintenant en France et je me suis déplacé aux Etats il y a une dizaine d’années, et ont vécu dans le Colorado et la Californie, et maintenant j’habite pres de ma famille en France.


Mon B.A. a été concentré dans les arts visuels de l’Est, du spectacle et traditionnels. Inspiré par les somatiques et de sensibilisation des formations intégrées au sein de ces programmes, j’ai gagné en psychologie clinique d’un Master avec une spécialisation en somatique (basé corps) psychothérapie. Je suis allé à travailler dans un centre double diagnostic de la toxicomanie de traitement, une école spéciale et un abri de la violence domestique.

Dessiné à l’approche de BCST – (toucher base modalité, l’accent sur la réglementation et le respect et la crainte de l’intelligence créatrice qui sous-tend l’être la santé et le système nerveux) – qui se trouvait un peu en dehors de la portée de mon champ – j’ai assisté à la Colorado School of Energy Studies pour devenir un biodynamique Cranial Sacral thérapeute. BCST, Yoga et pratiques Somatic me donner des outils à la terre dans le monde et d’ouvrir mon cœur et de l’esprit. Merci à des pratiques telles que BCST et Yoga; et les philosophies que ces systèmes proviennent; la vie est une expérience plus mystérieuse et mélancolique! Je suis très reconnaissant de continuer à l’apprentissage et au partage de ces pratiques.

Je crois que nous guérissons en tant que collectif et par la restauration de notre relation à l’expérience ressentie et le monde autour de nous. Réguler le système nerveux et le rebrancher sur la santé, la nature, la relation, la présence et l’équilibre est si essentiel, en particulier dans notre monde moderne en évolution rapide. Mon espoir en tant que praticien est de vous accompagner dans une relation plus vivante: avec vous-même, vos proches et de la communauté, l’esprit et le monde naturel.

En dehors du travail, j’aime la biologie marine, la randonnée, les chevaux, la danse, l’apprentissage sur les plantes, la pratique du yoga et de méditation, rire et passer du temps avec des amis et la famille!


Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist. The Colorado School of Energy Studies, Boulder, CO.

M.A. Clinical Psychology, MFT. Emphasis:Somatic Psychology.  The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles campus.

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies:Visual, Performing& Traditional Eastern Arts. Naropa University, Boulder, CO.

Yoga Instructor. Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certification, Sivanada Ashram, Austria.