Often when people hear that you are in recovery, people are most curious as to what to; rather than why you were addicted.

Whatever someone’s drug, process, substance of choice, the fact is that they are out-sourcing their inner sense of self, being, security and ease, and need to be reconnected to that power.

Addiction is a widespread epidemic…whatever lines our children develop along or within, our social, educational, familial, economic structures and the values they are based upon are also responsible. The healing of self needs to feed back into the collective in order to really address the disconnect that carries on contributing to this widespread epidemic. Addiction is a wide spread social condition, and needs to be addressed on a collective, structural level, as well as an individual one.

You will notice that for yourself, or for those you are close to that have struggled with addiction, that a set of ideals, values, even a desire to quit can have little effect.

Our lives to be grounded in something greater than what we are guided to give our power to: relationships, a body ideal, success, money, possessions, drugs, power, control and escape, amongst other things: essentially our lives need to be grounded in the knowledge and expereince of the ultimate failure of a life run on self – self will, self propulsion, self aggrandizement, self centerdness, self control, self management, SELF!

Addiction is not only the pain of the active process of addiction. Addiction happened before we started engaging in the cycle that at first we thought we had control over and came to control every aspect of our lives: body, mind, actions.Addiction happened when we could not deal, when we took everything personal, when our heart shut down, we disconnected from ourselves and the world – human and natural and spiritual – and in order to carry on living we had to outsource a sense of being alive. we shut ourselves off from real life and needed something artificial to take its place, to get to the point when we could address the shut down.

Addiction is a tortured state of self: the world is a painful place to live in, relationships are painful, feelings are painful, how we expereince and see ourselves is painful.

Recovery means recovering our responsibility for our lives, recovering a sense of self that is good, pure, healthy. Recovery means thinking of ourselves less and others more, but just thinking less in general! Recovery means freedom: freedom to choose again. Recovery means reconnection: reconnection to the source of our being that can power, guide, energise us and love us through our daily lives. Recovery is surrender, surrendering into ease, grace, into finally doing for ourselves what we have spent our lives trying to get others, substances, situations to do for us: to be there, constant, permanent, supporting, kind attentive, caring for and responding to how we feel.

Recovery is learning how to reduce the demands and expectations of self, letting the Breath of Life -a Higher Power – God – Life – Love – whatever we know it as – guide and inform and live through us. Recovery is relearning who we are.

There are many roads to Rome: whether it is through yoga, through community, a 12 step program: but Rome is an experience once again of the interconnected, larger self: the self that is love, that is truth, that is free, that is whole.

I think we could help future generations by centering our educational and social structures around providing experiences of these qualities, rather than those driven by materialist, consumerist, modern industrialized madness. Giving up the values, comfort, life styles that we have become accustomed to, what we feel entitled to, is not a small feat, and is best done in a supportive community. Build supportive relationships and communities in which you encourage individuals and the collective to connect inside to health. Find people to recreate a life and community that is centered around true values, rather than values that are sold to us, and do your bit to help present and future generations of addicts, so that we can live whole and free.