“Elise was a delight to work with, and she created a professional and relaxing environment to do her healing work with our employees. We received glowing reviews from the employees who chose to participate, and we have already had requests to host another cranial sacral day with Elise. Via would be thrilled to invite her back in the future, and we would be thrilled to recommend her services to other organisations.”

Sakura Presley, Human Resources, VIA, Boulder.

“I have benefited hugely from my BCST sessions with Elise. She is a very caring and empathetic practitioner, who manages to give you the time and space to fully relax and feel listened to at a very deep level. She gently encourages you to focus on inner listening, and steers you to a state of enhanced self awareness of your own body and feelings, allowing healing to take place. You leave feeling refreshed and restored in a very fundamental way, more at peace with the world and with your self, on a physical emotional and spiritual level”.

Sarah Woodward, Teacher, England.


“Elise creates the most wonderful space…She listens to me with all of her senses and is able to tap into exactly what I need. I am able to fall into a deep relaxation every time I get on her table. A true gift that I highly recommend”.

Sarah Remick, Yoga Teacher and massage therapist, Boulder.


“I came to Elise after I had been experiencing pain and tightness in my neck. As a graduate student, I am one of the many who notice a shift in physical comfort as the result of the long hours of writing and the pressure of maintaining an often packed coursework schedule. As Elise placed her hands behind my neck to begin the cranial sacral session, I could feel an almost instant release of tension. Her peaceful, warm demeanour creates an energy of lightness around her and I instantly felt safe and comforted in her presence. She gently guided me in communicating what I was experiencing throughout the session and masterfully altered her movements to attend to my body’s direction. We were like a team, listening to the cues of my body and bringing light attention and pressure to the spots that wanted release. I feel like she helped me to sense, accept and love my body more deeply! My neck pain and back pain diminished considerably, but, more importantly, I slept so deeply that night and awoke with a feeling of softness and ease in my shoulders. I will highly recommend a cranial sacral healing session with Elise to anyone seeking greater emotional and physical balance”.

Ellie Haberl, Graduate Student and School Age Teacher, Boulder.


“I don’t understand what Elise does! but I continue to go back because it absolutely works! Somehow she has an ability to help me tap into a deep healing state that is hard to describe. It helps me feel grounded, alive, peaceful and healthy. I recommend her to friends often”.

Seth Perler, Educator, Boulder


“Your perception, sensitivity, and skillful care comes as much from the heart as from very real intelligence and training. This makes for great understanding of your clients and their conditions. Apart from a real benefit felt after a BCST treatment by you- a feeling of somewhat greater harmony and balance – there is a feeling of social wellbeing too. I find these sessions and my work with you very special”.

Alastair M, Landscape Architect, France


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