Welcome to the resource library…a page designed to help you find links in the community and to provide information that can help support your well being.

Tools for Healing :

Affordable Resources in the Community is a page that provides links to sliding scale practitioners- therapists, herbalists, body work; events in the Boulder community and volunteering opportunities.

Identifying Resources is a ramble I wrote to help you identify in a concrete way things that work in your life and things that don’t, and help you to orient towards and incorporate more of these in the day to day.

Understanding Polyvagal Theory is an explanation of the new theory on the nervous system. Understanding the nervous system and ways to regulate it is key to physical, emotional and mental well being, and provides a firm foundation for you to grow and support yourself and others from.

New_Insights_in_Trauma_Therapy-2005-Chitty is an article written by John Chitty, founder of CSES and an amazing polarity and BCST practitioner and teacher. Understanding trauma – which has widespread impact on our communities and certainly people you know- if not you personally – is a huge first step in being able to tend to and heal those vulnerable parts of ourselves and each other.

External Links of Interest:

I went a bit mad and have basically created a long list of potential channels of interest that I have personally found supportive, uplifting, encouraging and educational. Topics include (see previous ‘madness disclaimer’) Philosophy and Mindfulness Researchers; Attachment, Trauma Research and Neuroscience; Pre and Perinatal Psychology; BCST and Polarity Therapy; Addiction Research; Indigenous Knowledge; Compassion; Wilderness therapy, Survival Skills and Eco psychology; Relationships and Communication; Attachment theory; Parenting Resources; Spiritual Teachings; Polyvagal Theory; Death; General/ Miscellaneous.

Take what you like and leave the rest! And please feel free to email me with links you have found supportive so they can be incorporated. Links can be found here:  Youtube and Resource Library

On the Audio Guided Meditations you will find a small sample of the abundance of what is out there in terms of guided practices. I have also included a link to Body Low Slow Loop, a  nervous system first aid tool that will change your nervous system in a wild and freeing way, teaching it how to discharge and regulate automatically  – supporting your whole health. Try it for 3 weeks and see for yourself!

There is also a guided body relaxation that I have recorded for you to support embodiment and stress reduction. I hope you enjoy these and again, feel free to contact me with your favourites and requests for other recordings! Here’s one to get you started 🙂

Warm wishes,