Recorded practices and meditations.

Here are a selection of recordings to help you build resiliency skills that will foster health,emotional well being and trauma and addiction recovery. They are useful also in dealing with chronic emotional/physical pain.

Come to each practice with an awareness of yourself and your past, your strengths and suffering. Bow gently into your humanness with humility, allowing the soft comfort of acceptance to sooth, heal and embrace you.

Feel the softness, support and strength of your fierce and devoted kindness and love for yourself and your intricate, unique body and personality, and the indwelling creative intelligence that dwells within and connects us all.

Commit yourself to growing in love and appreciation, kindness and respect towards yourself and anything you may feel, think, sense. Allow yourself to be held, softly, almost as between two gentle hands, that see and feel but do not cling or judge, fix or intrude. Let things flow, let yourself be, let life heal you. Accept and receive love and healing.


Meditations arriving soon!!!! Technical issues for this yogini!! 🙂