Affordable Care in the Local Community

Lot’s of us need help now and again and yet seeking support can put an additional strain on the individual or family when resources are tight. Here are a few local community links to affordable care – please email me with others that you know of or provide if you would like them to be included below:


  • Boulder Mental Health Partners:
  • Boulder counselling cooperative:
  • Naropa Counselling offers individual and group sessions:
  • There are also lots of therapists starting practices in Boulder who offer deals and sliding scales –it is always worth asking too.


  • Twenty Four Hour Fitness offers very affordable gym membership and exercise classes, and the YMCA offers scholarships.
  • Here are some links to a few local dance classes but it is worth searching around:


Yoga and Meditation:

  • Most yoga studios will offer a great one-month intro rate at around forty dollars, including Yoga Pod ( and Yoga Loft ( and after that will offer work trade in exchange for studio membership.
  • There are lots of centres in town that offer free or very affordable sits. The Shambhala centre ( also runs a heart of recovery group every Tuesday at 5.30 pm for people in recovery.

Bodywork and holistic health:


  • *Also see affordable counselling links above.
  • The twelve steps offer a free network of support that address a variety of addictions, ranging from relationship to gambolling, food, drugs, spending. For a full list, follow this link:
  • Big Book Awakening: is a big book focussed approach to the 12 steps which has strong recovery success rates and provides recorded meetings/audio workshops.

I have provided some links to common issues below:


  • There are many AA meetings daily in town, and phone and online meetings :

Anorexia, Binge eating, Compulsive Exercise, Bulimia and other food related issues:


Relationship and related issues:

  • Al-anon (for people who have close friends/family who are addicts of some kind): (Daily meetings in town and phone meetings).
  • Sex and Love Addiction: (Two meetings a week in town, and phone meetings throughout the week).
  • Sex Addiction (including pornography): (Two meetings a week in town and phone meetings around the clock).
  • Co-dependency: (Closet meetings in Denver but phone meetings throughout the week).

Work addiction :


Nature is therapy! There are so many hikes near and far. Chataqua, Eldorado State Park, Boulder Valley Ranch, Flagstaff and so many! If you are new to the area ask around for a few of people’s favourites.


Free online guided meditations

Free online guided meditations are available on Youtube, Sounds True, Hay House Radio, Spotify, etc –here are a few basic ones to get you started – (for additional links of interest please refer to my resources page)

Power of mindfulness:

Pain relief:

Simple sitting:

Body scan meditation:

Body Low Slow Loop :

Guided body relaxation:

Hoping some of this might be helpful,

Warm wishes,