Taking Care of the Body.

Taking care of the body is a daily practice. Just as a competitive athlete makes training, diet and rest a daily programmed part of their routine; practicing Christians make faith a part of their daily life, rather than a Sunday church visit; an engaged client lives and practices somatic principles of wellbeing a part of their daily life, rather than in their hour’s session once a week. As practitioners or clients we can ask and encourage questioning about nutrition, exercise, sleep and other routines as a factor of health and well being.


Swami Vishnu-Devananda writes that ‘the yogi regards the physical body as an instrument towards his journey towards perfection.'(p.69) Even if we are not striving for perfection, but merely a senses of okay-ness in this life, health and well being of the body are an important and much overlooked factor in the practice of psychology: its strength, flexibility, clarity of feedback and receptivity, its energetic quality, the wellbeing and nutrition of the senses (rather than their overload), the regulation of psychical and psychological processes and hormones and so on really does help create well being, ease and stability of mind.


We all have these amazing things – bodies!!! –  woweeee!!! – that we are walking around in, yet not many of us live within limits that make sense; nor actively engage in learning how to optimize and deepen this experience of being alive – relaxed, alert, connected. Then we wonder why we feel tired, sick, stressed out, emotional. Many of us are going so much faster than our natural rhythm and the pace of health dictate. Health is there, we just overtook it.Health is there, we just side stepped and abandoned ourselves.


Slowing down and choosing the way we live, address situations, others and ourselves and integrating practices, internal states and guiding principles or beliefs (spiritual or otherwise) that nourish well being is going to be a way more successful life strategy than living like a chicken with your head cut off and going to therapy once a week. Believe me, I tried it!


Need a little help with getting started with integrating balance and balancing practices into your life? Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments and if I can help on your journey I will,

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